xFi Pod

By Xfinity

xFi Pod

By Xfinity

Get our most powerful xFi Pod at no extra cost — a $119 value! As part of your xFi Complete service, your Whole Home WiFi Evaluation determined that your home WiFi could use a boost. An xFi Pod can extend your WiFi network, and help eliminate deadspots for more consistent coverage to keep you seamlessly connected throughout your home.
  • Plug in, easy self-installation

  • Self-optimizing mesh WiFi network

  • More consistent coverage


Color: White 

WiFi: Tri-Band Radio 

WiFi Capacity: AC3000 

Size: D:1.42in./L:3.78in./H:3.53in. 

Ethernet: Dual GB Ethernet 

Bluetooth: LE 4.0 

Power supply: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 15W Max 

Pod connection speed will not exceed the maximum speed of your Internet plan. Maximum throughput of 500 Mbps over WiFi connection in laboratory setting. 

Easy setup, no technical skills needed

Get the Xfinity app

Download the app on your mobile device, available on Google Play and the App Store.

Connect your Pod

Within the app, go to Account, select Add a Device and choose the xFi Pod you have.

Follow a few simple steps

Follow the instructions that appear on your screen to enjoy more consistent WiFi. That’s it!
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Leave no room behind

An xFi Pod creates a powerful mesh WiFi network that finds the fastest connection in your home, to keep you seamlessly online as you move around.

Instantly enhance your home’s WiFi coverage

Just plug your Pod into an indoor electrical outlet, then use the Xfinity app to pair it with your xFi Gateway. We’ll walk you through setup in minutes.

Available for purchase only. Requires Xfinity Internet subscription with a compatible Xfinity xFi Gateway. Other restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Limited to four orders per month. Service sold separately. 

Pod connection will not exceed the maximum speed of your Xfinity Internet plan. Maximum throughput of 200Mbps over WiFi connection in laboratory setting. Other factors can affect speeds. 

View the Xfinity xFi Pod Limited Warranty.