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It’s that time of year again— it’s time for Discovery Shark Week! If you’re intrigued by (or terrified of) Great Whites and their finned-friends, Discovery Shark Week is an annual summer TV event you don’t want to miss. Learn more about tuning in to the action with Xfinity TV, and check out the greatest catch of the summer before it’s too late.

Discovery Shark Week 2021: how to watch with Xfinity

Shark Week 2021 kicks off on Sunday, July 11th. Featuring more hours of shark programming than ever before, Shark Week 2021 is jam-packed full of all-new shark stories and more celebrity guests and surprises! Watch real-life shark encounters and see these majestic (yet frightening) creatures in their natural habitats like never before.

Xfinity TV customers can tune in on Discovery channel to catch even more of the action happening throughout the week, including the chilling Expedition Unknown: Megalodon and Return to Shark Island. Xfinity TV customers can also explore Shark Week highlights and more in a specially curated X1 destination— just say “Shark Week” into your Xfinity Voice Remote for all the Shark Week content your heart desires.

What’s more, customers with Xfinity Flex and an existing discovery+ subscription can catch the action there as well. Not already a discovery+ subscriber? You can sign up for discovery+ on Xfinity Flex! Just say “discovery+” into your Voice Remote to start exploring.

Discovery Shark Week 2021: what to watch

Some of the content you can enjoy during Discovery Shark Week includes:

  • Shark Academy (7/11 – 7/15, discovery+)
  • Sharkbait with David Dobrick (7/11, discovery+)
  • Fin (7/13, discovery+)
  • Crikey! It’s Shark Week (7/11 at 8 PM ET, Discovery channel)
  • Tiffany Haddish Does Shark Week (7/11 at 9 PM ET, Discovery channel)
  • Expedition Unknown: Shark Trek (7/12 at 10 PM ET, Discovery channel)
  • Brad Paisley’s Shark Country (7/13 at 9 PM ET, Discovery channel)
  • The Real Sharknado (7/14 at 9 PM ET, Discovery channel, also on discovery+)
  • Dr. Pimple Popper Pops Shark Week (7/15 at 8 PM ET, Discovery channel)
  • Ninja Sharks 2: Mutants Rising (7/16 at 8 PM ET, Discovery channel)
  • Shark Week Best in Show (7/17 at 9 PM ET, Discovery channel)

… and much more!

For even more content, you can dive head-first into a sea of choices in our Shark Week Destination on X1 and Xfinity Flex, including:

  • The latest specials and past favorites from Discovery’s Shark Week, starting July 11.
  • All four Jaws movies from Peacock right now – at no additional cost.
  • A collection of free deep-sea movies from The Asylum’s annual “Stay Out of the Water” event on Xumo
  • Free surf movies from Pluto.
  • National Geographic’s new specials and old favorites for SharkFest
  • Many “fin-tastic” movies for ‘baby sharks’.
  • A 7-day free trial of Outside TV, which is perfect for water-sports enthusiasts.
  • Ambient Moods that bring you all the summer vibes you could possibly want with choices like: Beach Waves, Aquarium, Tropical House Chill, Relax by the Beach and Sunset.
  • And if that wasn’t enough already, you can also explore more collections perfect for summertime viewing: Beach Stuff, Beach Reads and Hot Stuff!

Don’t miss a moment with Xfinity

If you’re ready to tune in to a “JAWesome week of all things shark,” Xfinity, discovery+, and Discovery Channel have got you covered. Just say “Shark Week” into your X1 Voice Remote to get started, and don’t miss a moment of the action during one of the summer’s biggest TV events.