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International TV on X1: Middle Eastern Television Channels and More


April 09, 2019

If you’re looking for Arabic or Israeli television content available on Xfinity X1, then you’re in luck. Xfinity X1 hosts international TV channels in both Arabic and Hebrew, so you don’t have to feel so far away no matter where you’re watching. Learn more, and tune in to our International TV programming on X1 today!

Arabic TV content: ART

If you’re looking for Arabic content on X1, then you’re looking for ART! ART provides a unique blend of Arabic and multi-language programming, including dramas, sports, movies, children's educational programs, reality shows, chat programs, and more. You can learn more about ART on their website, here.

Israeli TV content: The Israeli Network and The Jewish Channel (TJC)

The Israeli Network is the only 24/7 TV channel broadcasting worldwide in Hebrew with English subtitles, bringing to the Israeli and Jewish communities around the world quality, current Israeli television. The Israeli Network is proud to present the best of Israeli television from all leading content providers in Israel. Learn more about their programming on their website.

The Jewish Channel has Jewish and Israeli movies, news, series, and specials available whenever you want; from classic movies to comedy specials, and concerts to food specials, there’s always something to watch on TJC. Dozens of movies are available every month, featuring the best that Jewish and Israeli culture has to offer. You also get the world's only Jewish TV newscast, women's, lifestyle and holiday programming, and so much more. For more information, see about our monthly subscription Xfinity On Demand packages.

All this and more on X1

For all of this content and more, check out the international TV lineup on Xfinity X1. You’ll find content in multiple languages spanning multiple regions, which means there’s something out there for all X1 customers to enjoy.



From Bollywood movies and Chinese news, to Russian cinema and Brazilian telenovelas, the new international experience on X1 now includes over 415 networks in more than 20 languages.

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