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March 18, 2019

Watch the VIVO Indian Premier League and ICC Cricket World Cup with Xfinity X1

Cricket on X1

Did you know that the last ICC Cricket World Cup had a record-shattering viewership on Willow of 1.4 billion people? Did you also know that, according to HuffPost, the World Cup is one of the top 10 most viewed sporting events in the entire world? Whether you knew it already or not, cricket is an exciting, world-wide sporting phenomenon that you don’t want to miss out on.

The VIVO Indian Premier League runs from March until May, then the ICC Cricket World Cup is just around the corner, and Xfinity X1 makes it easy to experience cricket like never before. Whether you’re looking to watch live cricket matches, stream the games from a mobile device, and even re-start, pause, and fast-forward past games, X1 has the ultimate cricket experience for fans. Learn more, and tune in on the Willow HD network with X1.

ICC Cricket World Cup and VIVO IPL live on Willow HD

Wondering how you can catch all the action of VIVO IPL and the ICC Cricket World Cup? X1 customers can see it all live on the Willow HD network. Customers can also stream Willow Network live on the go with the Xfinity Stream app, so you never have to miss a single play. That means you can enjoy cricket matches anytime, anywhere.

If you have the X1 Voice Remote, it’s even easier to watch cricket content. Just say “Cricket” into your remote to see live matches, schedules, highlights and more. Speaking of highlights, check out our list of the most highly anticipated World Cup games, below:

  • May 30 – England vs South Africa
  • June 05 – India vs South Africa
  • June 09 – India vs Australia
  • June 11 – Bangladesh vs Pakistan
  • June 13 – India vs New Zealand
  • June 16 – India vs Pakistan
  • June 19 – New Zealand vs South Africa
  • June 25 – England vs Australia
  • June 29 – Australia vs New Zealand
  • June 30 – England vs India

These matches will ultimately lead to the semi-finals, happening on July 9th and 11th, respectively. After the semi-finals conclude, the world can watch as two teams fight to take it all in the World Cup Final, happening on July 14th.

Instant replays, and more!

X1 customers never have to miss a moment, with the ability to re-start from the beginning, pause, or fast forward the games. Maybe you want to watch a replay of the incredible match you saw earlier, or fast forward through a game you missed to get to the good stuff? X1 makes all that (and more) possible for the cricket super-fans out there looking for a better way to watch their favorite teams dominate the field.

X1 invites you to watch cricket for free on Willow HD

Even better, Xfinity TV customers without a subscription to Willow HD can still watch cricket for free from 3/20 until 4/19! Willow HD will be available to Xfinity TV customers during that time, which means more cricket all month long as teams progress through the Indian Premier League leading up to the ICC Cricket World Cup. Now you really don’t have to miss a moment of this year’s biggest cricket events when you watch with X1 and the Xfinity Stream app.

Tune in to the ICC Cricket World Cup with X1

No matter what team you’re rooting for, this year’s World Cup will be something to see. Make sure you don’t miss a moment of it with X1 and Willow HD, and take the games with you on the go with the Xfinity Stream app.

Ready to experience cricket with X1? Just say “Cricket” into the X1 Voice Remote and start viewing. After all, this is cricket with Xfinity X1: simple, easy, awesome.