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What is Cloud TV | Basics of Cloud-based Television


July 07, 2017

Cloud TV is one the newest trends in the television viewership experience. Learn more about gaining access to your favorite TV shows and movies with convenient cloud-based television technology.

What is cloud TV?

Cloud TV refers to a flexible television option in which customers can take their shows on the go. Cloud technology, as it relates to cloud TV, works in the same way that other cloud services do, such as webmail, shared files, or online storage. "Cloud services" may refer to online media sharing and media streaming services. The terminology of "in the cloud" or "the cloud" was originally used when describing a website's server that housed users' files. Content is made available "in the cloud" so customers can access their digital assets from any location through an Internet-connected device with access to a cloud-based user account. Cloud TV technology provides television subscribers with greater flexibility when accessing live and recorded content. Cloud TV customers can easily stream and conveniently download recorded DVR shows to any Internet-enabled device. The advanced technology behind cloud TV allows for live in-home streaming and anywhere-access to a personal library of new television series or favorite movies.

What are some cloud TV basics?

Cloud TV technology allows television subscribers to stream their saved recordings from anywhere. In addition, they can also download content to a tablet or smartphone to watch while offline. One of the best parts about cloud TV is that everyone in the family can enjoy their favorite shows in any room or on the go. Innovations in cloud TV provide an enhanced entertainment experience for the whole family. It's easier than ever to access your favorite content that you have saved "in the cloud." Your entertainment is backed up and available when you want to enjoy it next. Plus, any updates or innovations to cloud TV functionality can be made available to users in real-time. Cloud TV truly offers a more personalized viewing experience so subscribers can enjoy new ways to enjoy their favorite shows and movies anywhere, anytime, on any device.

How to use a cloud DVR

DVR player allows you to record and save television content to watch at a later time. DVR stands for digital video recorder, a type of television equipment that can be easily programmed to save and store recorded content. Standard DVR capabilities may be further enhanced through the convenience and flexibility of cloud DVR technology. Cloud DVR functionality allows television subscribers to easily access recordings that have been saved "in the cloud." Cloud TV and cloud DVR users may also be able to stream recorded entertainment on mobile devices or a television set. In addition, cloud DVR subscribers can download recordings to watch via mobile apps anytime, even when offline. One major benefit of cloud DVR technology is the ability to watch your personal DVR library from anywhere: simply take your shows to go! You should also be able to save more content than you would be able to with a regular DVR. In addition, some cloud DVR users may offer the ability to start a TV show in one room and to finish it in another.

Programming cloud DVR content may be a similar process to recording standard DVR content. It is recommended that you consult the user guide associated with your television subscription to better understand the features of your cloud DVR or standard DVR. Contact your television subscriber to find out if and when revolutionary cloud-based technology will be available in your area.

With cloud TV functionality and cloud DVR technology, now everyone in the family can enjoy their favorite shows in any room or on the go. Access your favorite entertainment anytime, anywhere – simply stream or download previously recorded content that you've already conveniently saved "in the cloud." 



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