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4K Sports Available on Xfinity X1

2021 MLB Postseason

Xfinity X1 customers with 4K UHD viewing capability can enjoy live events in 4K UHD, such as weekly college football games, select NFL playoff games, English Premiere League soccer, and more. Check out our schedule* of games and events available to watch in 4K UDH with Xfinity X1 below:


  • 10/21 Broncos vs. Browns (8:20pm ET, FOX)
  • 10/28 Packers vs. Cardinals (8:20pm ET, FOX)
  • 11/4 Jets vs. Colts (8:20pm ET, FOX)
  • 11/11 Ravens vs. Dolphins (8:20pm ET, FOX)
  • 11/18 Patriots vs. Falcons (8:20pm ET, FOX)
  • 12/2 Cowboys vs. Saints (8:20pm ET, FOX)
  • 12/9 Steelers vs. Vikings (8:20pm ET, FOX)
  • 12/16 Chiefs vs. Chargers (8:20pm ET, FOX)
  • 12/25 Browns vs. Packers (8:20pm ET, FOX)

College Football

  • 10/16 Oklahoma State vs. Texas (12:00pm ET, FOX)
  • 10/16 Michigan State vs. Indiana (12:00pm ET, FS1)
  • 12/4 Big Ten Championship Game (8:00pm ET, FOX)
  • 12/28 Holiday Bowl (8:00pm ET, FOX)


  • 10/15 Red Sox vs. Astros (8:00pm ET, FOX)
  • 10/16 Red Sox vs. Astros (4:30pm ET, FOX)
  • 10/18 Astros vs. Red Sox (TBD, FS1)
  • 10/19 Astros vs. Red Sox (TBD, FS1)
  • 10/20 Astros vs. Red Sox (TBD, FS1)
  • 10/22 Red Sox vs. Astros (TBD, FS1)
  • 10/23 Red Sox vs. Astros (TBD, FOX)
  • 10/26 through 11/3 World Series

So, what are you waiting for? Tune in to your favorite sports in 4K UHD all season long with Xfinity X1. Just say “4K” into your Xfinity voice remote to get started!

*Note: schedule subject to change.

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