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Hippo Home Insurance: Helping Homeowners During Natural Disasters

Customer Experience

Auguest 05, 2019

Our homes and the things we keep in them have changed a lot in the last decade. Home insurance should too. That’s why Xfinity has teamed up with Hippo to deliver more modern home insurance that can save homeowners up to 25%.

By using Internet-connected sensors and satellite imagery amongst other technologies, Hippo gives customers the coverage they deserve in addition to looking out for those in need. Learn how Hippo leapt into action during the California wildfires below, and visit for more information.

Hippo leverages the latest tech to proactively serve its customer

As the California Carr fires broke out in 2018, Hippo didn’t hesitate to alert their customers and ensure their safety by using technology to stay a step ahead of the fires. With active fire maps that leveraged satellite imagery, Hippo was able to leverage pre-developed “fire zone” footprints against the active wildfire, allowing them to track the fires movement and contact customers within that zone before evacuation teams moved in.

No other insurance helps like Hippo

Hippo called 100% of its customers in the active wildfire areas over the weekend to offer additional assistance. From booking hotels to covering temporary living expenses, Hippo Claims Concierge helped however they could while the fires spread. They also preemptively filed claims for more than 80% of their impacted customers before those customers even reached out for help. Customers felt relieved and supported as Hippo aided them through the claims process before a single claim was made.

How Hippo and Xfinity are working together to offer Smarter Home Insurance

To learn more about Hippo Home Insurance and their partnership with Xfinity, you can visit Smarter Home Insurance and discounts are available to Xfinity customers from Hippo, to ensure customers are cared for when disaster strikes. Learn how you can get smarter home insurance today.

Smarter Home Insurance

Smarter Home Insurance

Xfinity is partnering with Hippo to offer a new kind of home insurance that can save you up to 25% on your monthly premiums.

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