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Designed With You in Mind

Customer Experience

December 20, 2018

Technology is meant to simplify everyday life. Our latest TV campaign illustrates how our Comcast employees take their commitment to our customers seriously, and how we design everything we do with our customers in mind.

Designed with You in Mind

We believe that every experience a customer has with us should be easy – from how our services work to the support we give our customers. Our newest commercials focus on the enhancements Comcast has made to do just that.

The commercials feature four Comcast employees – Antonio and Tito from Technical Operations, Tanya from Network Operations, and Mike, a product engineer – each share their stories of how they’re improving our customers’ experiences every single day. We get a glimpse into their lives and their unique passions, and how those translate to their professional lives.

Commitment to Customers

  • Simpler experiences - We continuously work to provide the best experience possible to our customers by bringing new technology and products into their homes.
  • Reliability - We monitor our network 24/7 to provide the most reliable service, and to prevent potential problems before they have a chance to happen.
  • Respect - We know our customers’ time is valuable, and we vow to respect that with a guaranteed two-hour appointment window.
  • Commitment - We deliver service on your terms, including 24/7 support, easy self-service tools on any device and two-hour appointment windows.

We’re excited to share these real stories with you to reinforce our commitment to delivering the best experience possible for our customers. Keep an eye out for these new TV commercials! And as always, we’re available to answer any questions, comments or concerns about your service with our customer support options.

The Xfinity Customer Commitment

The Xfinity Customer Commitment

We're on a mission to respect our customers' time, simplify their experience, and make it right if we fall short. Because we should fit into their lives. Not the other way around.

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