Details and Restrictions

An XFINITY WiFi Access Pass provides access to the XFINITY WiFi network for a limited time period, depending on which Access Pass is purchased. Access Passes provide access to XFINITY WiFi for a session lasting a limited period of time, rather than a set number of minutes of use. For example, if you buy an Hour Access Pass at 3:00, it will expire at 4:00 no matter how much time you spent using it.

An XFINITY WiFi Access Pass can only be used on the device (smart phone, laptop, etc.) used to purchase the pass. You may purchase up to three Access Passes at a time on different devices using a single XFINITY WiFi Access Pass account. Purchases will appear on your credit card statement either as NNU*XFINITYWIFI or NNU*INTERNET-USAGE.COM.

An XFINITY WiFi Access Pass can only be used on Comcast owned and operated hotspots. Access Passes cannot be purchased or used on other companies’ hotspots including those that offer XFINITY WiFi access, but may offer a different prepaid / access pass product. Also, some XFINITY WiFi hotspots offer complimentary access where you will not need an Access Pass.

Not available in all areas. Availability and locations of hotspots may change from time to time. Requires compatible WiFi-enabled laptop or mobile device. May not be combined with other offers. Pricing, services, and offer period subject to change. Subject to the XFINITY WiFi Terms of Service. For help or more information, call 1-866-366-5756 or visit