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The fastest hotspots in the country


Over 500,000 hotspots nationwide

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Conserve data on your wireless data plan

The most hotspots and counting

Over 500,000 hotspots across the country when you are on the go.

Norton Hotspot Privacy

Keep your private information private with Norton Hotspot Privacy

  • Protects against online identity theft
  • Keeps usernames, passwords and other personal information safe
  • Eliminates eavesdropping on your WiFi sessions

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Turn your home into a hotspot!

With XFINITY WiFi Home Hotspot, you’ll have two WiFi networks — one for you and one for your guests. Now you can give visitors WiFi access in your home without sharing your wireless password.

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How to Connect

Enable WiFi on your wireless device.

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Select "xfinitywifi" in your list of available networks.

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Look for "CableWiFi".

Sign in with your Comcast Email or username and password.

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Just sign in once, and the next time you’re in an XFINITY WiFi hotspot your device will connect automatically.

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