Find out which X1 offer is ideal for you

Find out which X1 offer is ideal for you

Beautifully bilingual, como tú.SM

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Are you as big of a soccer fan as XFINITY?

Whichever language you use to support your team, XFINITY X1 lets you turn your TV into a scoreboard. See real-time scores and stats side by side with your content and track multiple games at once, so that you can experience soccer like never before.

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X1 Sports

A happy home, is a home with fast and reliable Internet.
That’s why XFINITY gives you the best in-home WiFi experience
Find out all that these families can do with XFINITY Internet

Language Choice from XFINITY
Language Choice from XFINITY
Language Choice from XFINITY
Language Choice from XFINITY
Language Choice from XFINITY

Kids Zone on XFINITY X1 is a safe place where your kids have the remote, and you the control.

XFINITY is the first one bringing you ratings and reviews in your language, provided by Common Sense Media, of the most popular Spanish kids shows, so you know the content and programming your kids are watching.

X1 Voice Remote

The XFINTY X1 Voice Remote understands you and is bilingual like you.

Say it. See it. With the X1 Voice Remote is very easy to find what you’re looking for faster. Plus, you can navigate all the functions in the main menu in English or Spanish, from the programming guide to the system configurations. Use voice commands to change channels, search shows, get recommendations and more, in the language you choose. You can even use popular phrases from shows and movies, “follow me!”

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Favorites. At your fingertips.

Enjoy up to two weeks of all channel programming. Plus, you can filter your search by your favorite channels, TV shows and movies. Now you can schedule recordings, find the entertainment you want, and much more—in English and Spanish!

Tu Idioma

Say it, see it and enjoy it in your language.

XFINITY gives you the option to select your language of preference – English or Spanish – when selecting XFINITY On Demand™ programming.


Your shows and movies in Spanish

SAP is secondary audio programming that allows you to enjoy available shows and movies in Spanish. Simply select in the Channel Guide to enjoy your entertainment in your language.


Only XFINITY gives you more streaming power on any device.

Stream the entertainment you love in any room and on any device with the best in-home WiFi and data-free when you’re on the go with millions of XFINITY WiFi hotspots.