4 Things That Can Affect Your Home WiFi Network Performance

Having Internet connectivity issues? 

One of these 4 things might be the reason why.

Tiny technician assessing a Wireless Gateway

1. Your Wireless Gateway or router needs a reboot.

TIP: From time to time, your equipment may automatically perform software updates — just like your computer. Try restarting your Gateway with the Xfinity My Account app or learn how to restart your Gateway here
Wireless Gateway sandwiched between books on a shelf

2. Interference from objects in your home.

TIP: Be sure your Gateway or router is in an open area, away from thick walls, appliances, wireless electronics and water sources.
Tiny technician spotting a Gateway that is too far away

3. Your devices are too far from your Gateway or router.

TIP: For better WiFi performance, place your Gateway or router in the room where you use your devices most.
Multiple devices streaming content simultaneously: tablet, smartphone, laptops, gaming console

4. Data hungry applications hogging your WiFi speed.

TIP: Video chatting and gaming on multiple devices can slow your network. For the best performance, connect gaming consoles directly to your Gateway or router. You can also test your Internet speed to make sure your service is working properly.

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