XFINITY Connect App Login and Email FAQs

This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about the email features of the XFINITY Connect app for smartphones.


What if I am unable to log in with my XFINITY username (it is giving me a "login failed" error)?
  • Verify your XFINITY username and password and try to log in again. Username and password are case sensitive, so be sure you have entered them exactly as they were created.
  • In the username field, just enter your XFINITY username (e.g., Comcastuser and not
  • There could be a problem with your device's Internet connection; make sure you are connected (Edge, 3G or Wi-Fi).

Will I need to log in every time I launch the application?
If you have checked Remember Me while signing in for the first time, you do not have to log in again. You will be required to log in again if the system is unable to authenticate your user credentials. For example, if your username or password has expired, changed, or is not valid anymore.

I don't have my XFINITY username and password. What do I do?
  • If you are an XFINITY Internet customer and don't have your XFINITY username, tap on the Get help signing in link on the login screen.
  • Tapping on the link will bring up a Help Signing In screen with options to get an XFINITY username or to retrieve your XFINITY username or email address.

How do I navigate between the different screens in the XFINITY Connect app?
Tap on the menu icon in the top left corner to open the navigation menu. Tap on Email, Text, Voice, Contacts, Settings or Call to navigate between the different sections.

What do the Email, Text, Voice, Contacts and Call sections represent in the left navigation menu?
  • Email: Displays the latest number of email messages only. When additional messages are available, tap Load more messages to download them. (This option will only display when you have additional email messages in your Inbox).
  • Text: Displays the text messages sent to and received by (conversations) your XFINITY Voice phone number. Opening a text conversation will display all the messages.
  • Voice: Displays the latest number of voicemail messages.
    • The default number of messages per page is 25 for each of these views. You can manually change this setting from the Settings page.
  • Contacts: Displays the list of XFINITY contacts and phone contacts under the XFINITY and Phone tabs, respectively.
  • Settings: Displays settings and preferences.
  • Call: Brings up the Voice2go dialer. Use your XFINITY Voice number to make and receive voice or video calls.
How do I refresh my messages?
  • You can set the time interval in Check for messages from every 15 minutes to every hour by going to the General option of Settings. This is related to background sync of application.
  • To manually refresh your messages:
    • Re-access the list of messages or pull down to refresh the list.
    • For Android devices, select the Refresh button from the Android menu options.

What are the different ways I can delete/move an email?
  • Delete multiple emails from List View:
    • Tap Edit to access Edit mode when viewing list of emails.
    • Squares appear to the left of the items, indicating they can be deleted or moved.
    • Tap a message to select it and increment the Delete and Move counts.
    • You can select as many messages as you want.
    • You can move the emails to the Trash folder by selecting the folder from the folder list.
  • Swipe to Delete: Swipe on an email to display an option to delete an email.
  • From Within an Email: You can also delete or move an email while you are in the View Email screen. Tap the menu key to access options to Move, Delete, or Mark an Email as Read/Unread.

How do I access my email folders in the XFINITY Connect app?
  • Select Email from the left navigation menu.
  • Locate the top of the Conversations list.
  • Tap the Folder button. By default, the Folder button is "Inbox for"
  • The Folders page will display.
  • All of your folders are listed on this page, including any external folders (POP/IMAP).

How do I download and view attachments?
For iOS devices, when viewing an email, an attachment icon will appear below the subject line with the attachment name. Tapping on the attachment icon will take you to the Attachment View mode.

Is there a limit to the number of attachments or attachment size in an email? What type of attachments can I upload?
  • You can attach up to 10 files to an email.
  • The total size of all attachments cannot exceed 20 MB.
  • The XFINITY Connect app supports uploading of any type of attachment.

How do I remove an attachment I just uploaded?
In the Attach field, tap on the attached files. Then tap the Backspace or Delete button on your keyboard to remove the attachment.

How do I search for an email?
  • Access the Email section from the left navigation menu.
  • Tap on the search bar on top of the email list to navigate to Search mode.
  • Type your search query to run your search.

Can I edit an email when trying to forward/reply?
  • For text-only emails:
    • Emails less than 50KB in size: While replying/forwarding a text-only email, the body of the email will be available to edit as you scroll down the Compose Email screen. You can edit and modify the original email's content.
    • Emails greater than 50KB: The original email body will not appear in the Compose Email screen. At the bottom of the screen, Original message is attached [Edit] displays. Tap [Edit] to access the original email's content.
  • For HTML emails: While replying/forwarding an HTML email, the original email body will not appear in the Compose Email screen. At the bottom of the screen, Original message is attached [Edit] displays. Tap [Edit] to access the original email's content. The app will warn you that "Editing the text will remove all formatting. Do you want to continue?" Tap YES to open the original message without the HTML formatting.
    • Currently, editing of HTML email format is not supported. All HTML emails will be converted to plain text before allowing editing.
    • While forwarding or replying to a HTML email or a text email larger than 50/KB in size, the original email contents will not be displayed in the reply/forward Compose Email screen. A message starting Original message attached [Edit] will displayed at the bottom of the Compose screen.
  • The recipient will still receive the original email's content in order inside the body of the email.

How will I be notified of emails as they arrive?

Any time a new email arrives (as a result of automatic or manual refresh), you will be notified with a distinct audio chime and an in-app notification. Make sure that Push Notification settings for XFINITY Connect and Notification settings in the XFINITY Connect app are turned on.

How do I mark emails as Spam?
  • Mark multiple emails as spam in Email View: In the Email section, tap the Edit button in the top right-hand corner to access Edit mode. Select the emails you want to mark as Spam by tapping on them, or choose Select All. Once you have made your selections, tap the spam button to move the emails to your Junk folder.
  • Mark email as spam from within the Email: After opening an email, tap the device menu options to bring up the slide-up menu. Then choose Mark as Spam.

How do I access my POP/IMAP folder in the folders list?
In the Email section (i.e., Inbox for ), tapFolder to navigate to the Folders view. You can find all your folders in the Folders view. In this view, all the main and sub-folders are listed in a hierarchical manner with the sub-folders indented slightly towards the right, starting with a solid arrow indicating a sub-folder.

How do I retrieve emails for POP/IMAP folders (External Folders) in the XFINITY Connect app?
  • As soon as you enter a POP/IMAP folder, the folder will start synchronizing itself. Pull down to refresh to view the current progress.
  • The Refresh icon will keep spinning as the process is initiated.
  • Note: While refreshing the Inbox in the main view, the POP/IMAP folders are not refreshed automatically. You will have to manually enter the folder to retrieve the emails.
How do I log out of the XFINITY Connect app?

To log out of the XFINITY Connect app, select Settings from the left navigation menu, then choose Log out of [name] at the bottom of the menu. You can also adjust your preferences by selecting Login Preferences in the Settings menu, and choosing one of two options for when you want to log out of the app: Never or On Exit.

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