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What to Do If You Don't Have Dial Tone with Your XFINITY Voice Service

No dial tone on your phone? We’ll tell you what to do.

Try this first

If you’re experiencing trouble with your phone service (such as you don’t have a dial tone or you can’t break it), please check to make sure all phones are on the hook and that cordless phone batteries are charged. 

Still having issues?

 Please follow the suggestions below to try and restore service:

  • Try to plug a working corded phone into different jacks to find out if the issue is isolated to one phone or jack.
  • Plug the phone directly into your XFINITY Voice modem to determine if the issue may be related to the wiring inside your home.
  • If you have two phone numbers with XFINITY Voice service, and only one is working, please chat with us.
  • Check the lights on your digital voice modem.  Depending on the light sequence displaying, you may need to reset your modem.


Contact us

Please chat with us if none of the above actions restore your dial tone.

For more information on this topic, please visit our Help and Support Forums.


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