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Stay Connected Through Storms with XFINITY Voice

A severe storm, such as a hurricane or a tornado, can knock out power to entire areas, which can disrupt phone service as well. However, there are many precautions you can take to ensure you maintain phone service.*

Take Precautions

Whether it’s lightning striking a transformer or a heavy gust of wind taking out power lines, power outages happen. In these circumstances, a backup battery could provide you additional hours of XFINITY Voice service.
  • A backup battery can be installed for your XFINITY Voice modem to provide additional hours of service during a power outage. Visit Purchase a Battery for Your XFINITY Voice Phone Modem for more information on purchasing a battery.
    • Note: If there is an electrical power outage and a backup battery in installed for your Voice modem, only the primary phone number will work.
  • A fully charged battery offers up to eight hours of battery life. Since power outages can last longer, keep non-emergency phone calls that can drain the battery to a minimum.
    • Note: Your XFINITY Voice modem only needs one battery in order to receive up to eight hours of backup power, even if it has two battery slots.
  • If a backup battery is installed, keep your XFINITY Voice modem plugged into an outlet or power strip that's never turned off. This ensures the modem's battery is fully charged.
  • If you utilize cordless phones in your home, Comcast advises you to keep a corded (landline) phone on hand. Corded phones, unlike cordless phones, don't need a separate power source to operate and can function with a battery backup for your XFINITY Voice device during a power outage.
  • Sometimes a storm can knock out the broadband network and fully interrupt XFINITY service, so we recommend having a working mobile phone in addition to XFINITY Voice service. You should also take the following steps:
    • Program emergency contact numbers - including the police department, fire station and hospital as well as family members - into your mobile phone.
    • Forward your calls to your mobile phone before a severe storm knocks out power.
*If XFINITY Voice service is interrupted as a result of downed cables connecting your home or cuts to other portions of our network (as can happen in cases of severe storms), the service will not function until those facilities are restored.

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