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XFINITY Voice Minimum Equipment Requirements

To use XFINITY Voice service you need a telephone handset, inside wiring for phone jacks and electrical outlets.

Check that your equipment meets our minimum XFINITY Voice requirements.

Phone Handsets Must:

  • Comply with FCC Part 68 rules and regulations.
  • Have an industry-standard ring equivalence number (REN) of no more than 1.0.
  • Be in good working order.
  • Support touch tone (DTMF) dialing.

Electrical Outlets Used With Your Digital Voice Modem Must:

  • Be installed and operated in compliance with current state, local, and national codes.
  • Have a circuitry capacity of at least 15 amps.
  • Not be a switch outlet (except for a circuit breaker).
  • Not be shared with more devices than can be powered safely on that circuit.

Inside Wiring and Jacks Used with XFINITY Voice Service Must:

  • Comply with currently acceptable industry standards for telephone service wiring.
  • Be in good working order.
  • Have proper and consistent wiring polarity.

Phone Splitters Must Be Used:

  • In order to connect more than one corded phone or wireless base unit directly to the modem.
  • In order to connect a phone and modem/wireless gateway to the same wall jack.

In addition, all equipment must comply with all other applicable FCC, local, state, and national electrical and/or other codes.

Note: We may revise requirements for XFINITY Voice at any time. You can view the XFINITY Voice Residential Subscriber Agreement for further information.

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