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What is a Backup Battery for an XFINITY Voice Phone Modem?

A backup battery can be purchased for your XFINITY Voice modem to provide additional hours of service during a power outage.

Note: If there is a power outage and a backup battery is installed for your Voice modem, only the primary phone number will work.

What Happens

In the event of an emergency, a backup battery can support your service for several hours so your phone and alarm system should remain fully operational for up to eight hours. To purchase an XFINITY Voice backup battery, visit xfinity.com/voicebattery. If you have a home security system, please contact your home security provider prior to your XFINITY Voice service installation so you can arrange a compatibility test.

Note: If you lose your power due to severe weather, Comcast cannot support priority consideration of "restoration of service" requests to service locations using in-home medical monitoring equipment such as oxygen or heart monitors.

Recycle Your Used Battery

For detailed instructions on how to recycle your used battery, please see Recycle Your Used Battery.

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