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XFINITY Voice Modem and Inside Phone Wiring Precautions

Some concerns regarding your XFINITY Voice installation.

What you should know

If you're going to use the XFINITY Voice service with an inside phone wire, you'll need to have the inside wire disconnected from your current service. The XFINITY Voice modem (eMTA) could be damaged if it's installed before the old service is disconnected.

We recommend you have one of our technicians do the XFINITY Voice installation. If you install it yourself, we can't guarantee the service is set up properly.

If we can't access the inside phone wire, you may have to get a cordless phone to use the XFINITY Voice service.

Be sure to review the XFINITY Voice user guide/instructions that came with your eMTA and the XFINITY Voice Residential Subscriber Agreement for more information.

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