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Change Your Voicemail PIN for XFINITY Voice

Ensure your voicemail security by updating your voicemail PIN. You can change it by phone or online - anytime, day or night.

In addition, if you are ever locked out of your account's voicemail, you can also use these options to change your PIN and regain access.

The password:
  • Must be between four and six digits long (soon to be expanded to 15 digits)
  • Must differ from the last four digits of the phone number
  • Cannot be a single repeated digit (for example, 11111, 22222, etc.)
  • Cannot be sequential (for example, 1234, 5678, etc.)

Note: If you do not wish to change your voicemail PIN, your account will be unlocked after 30 minutes.

To Change Your Voicemail PIN Online

  1. Sign in to My Account.
  2. Click the Settings tab at the top of the page.
  3. Click Voicemail PIN under Usernames, Passwords, & PINS on the left side of the page.
  4. Click edit in the Voicemail PIN box.
  5. Enter your new voicemail PIN and confirm the new PIN.
  6. Click Update.

To Change Your Voicemail PIN Over the Phone

  1. Dial *99 or your home phone number.
  2. Enter your passcode when prompted.
    • If you are accessing your voicemail for the first time, you will be prompted to create a password and record a personalized greeting.
  3. Press 4 for Personal Options.
  4. Press 2 for Administrative Options.
  5. Press 1 for Password Change.
  6. Follow the remaining instructions to change your PIN.

If you have forgotten your primary XFINITY username and password and/or your voicemail PIN, and you are having trouble using your secret question to retrieve your login information, or if you only have XFINITY Voice, please chat with us for help.

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