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What is the Ecolisting Online Directory?

Comcast is helping the environment by creating an online directory tool called Ecolisting.

About Ecolisting

You can access Ecolisting at www.ecolisting.com, an online directory tool.
  • Unless you ask for a non-published number, your published listing information will be made available at www.ecolisting.com and through the Comcast directory assistance operator.
  • Non-published customers' names, addresses and telephone numbers are not distributed to phone book publishers, online directories or directory assistance.
  • Ecolisting is available to all Internet users and will include listings from both Comcast and non-Comcast customers.
  • Published listing information may also appear in other online directories and directory assistance (411) databases, as well as printed directories.
Comcast's policies are consistent with the environmentally friendly trend that has motivated phone companies to modify their policies regarding the distribution of paper directories. In some cities, phone companies will only distribute residential white page directories upon specific customer request.

For more information about directory listings and non-published numbers, please refer to our Directory Listing Guidelines.

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