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Use the Caller ID Feature with XFINITY Voice

What is Caller ID? Just one of our many XFINITY Voice features that protect your privacy by allowing you to see the number that is calling you before you answer the telephone.

Here's How to Use Caller ID

  • Caller ID displays the phone number of the incoming call on your Caller ID unit, so you can decide whether to pick up the phone.
  • If you don’t answer the call, it will be forwarded directly to your voicemail.
  • We don’t provide phones that work with Caller ID, so make sure whichever phone you get works with Caller ID.

Caller ID Guidelines

  • Different Caller ID units/telephones have different capacity and features. Refer to your Caller ID unit's owner's manual for details on capacity and features.
  • Caller ID information usually comes in at the end of the first ring cycle, so if you pick up the phone too quickly, the Caller ID information may not come through.
  • Some numbers are blocked from being displayed on Caller ID. These may include:
    • Numbers from older analog, PBX or Centrex- type telephone systems. When Caller ID information is not available due to various limitations, your Caller ID unit will display a message such as Out of Area or Unknown.
    • Numbers from a caller who blocks their Caller ID information. When a caller blocks their Caller ID information, your Caller ID unit will display a message such as Private or Anonymous.
    • The exact message that displays depends on the Caller ID unit that is being used.
  • When you have Call Forwarding activated on your home phone, Caller ID information is not delivered to your home phone. Instead, the Caller ID information is forwarded to the remote destination.

Caller ID Troubleshooting

  • Your Caller ID unit may also require batteries or an external power source to operate correctly. If your Caller ID unit is not working, check the batteries or power source and be sure all batteries and power cords are installed properly.
  • Your Caller ID unit may not work correctly if there is too large of a load on your phone line such as multiple phones, faxes, modems, Security System, cable TV, etc. If your Caller ID is not working, try to isolate to the one inoperable Caller ID unit by isolating the other equipment from the line.
  • Your Caller ID unit may need to be reset. If your Caller ID unit does not display correctly, or not at all, try to reset it by completely unplugging and powering down the unit. Then plug it back in and power it back up.
  • Some Caller ID units may display a previously-stored name rather than the current name being delivered. If you receive an incorrect name on your Caller ID, check to see if this is the case and delete the entry from your Caller ID unit’s directory.
  • Comcast switches provide 10 digits of Caller ID information on all calls; however, some Caller ID units may be set up to only display 7 digits. If the display is not showing the area code, refer to the owner’s manual for the Caller ID unit for more information on changing the settings to display 10 digits.

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