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When Friends Get Error Messages From Your Comcast Email

Are people trying to email you, but keep receiving error messages? Or are sent emails not showing up in your inbox? If so, there could be a few different causes.

Why Some Emails May Be Blocked

If someone’s emails can’t be delivered to your Comcast email address, it’s possible that the sender's email provider is blocked as part of our anti-spam precautions.

Below Are a Couple of Ways Email Addresses Can be Unblocked

  • The error message the sender receives contains a URL. This URL links to an FAQ with information related to the issue and the process for requesting removal. 
  • Email administrators can fill out the Blocked Provider Request Form. The Customer Security Assurance Department will determine if the IP address can be removed from the blocked list. Requests submitted through this form are reviewed on a 24/7 basis.

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