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Transfer Your XFINITY Services When You Move

At Comcast, we're here to help make your service transfer as smooth as possible. Please let us know that you're planning to move by contacting us in one of the following ways: When contacting us, make sure that you are the account owner (or authorized user) and have these important details ready:
  • Account number and associated phone number
  • Social Security number
  • Move-out/Move-in dates
  • New Address
Read on to find out how to prepare for your move and learn what may change about your service when you move to your new address.

Your Service Information

Comcast Equipment

You may be able to bring your equipment with you to your new home.

If you are not able to keep your equipment when you move to your new address, you may utilize these convenient options for returning your equipment.

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Home Phone Number, Voicemails and Call History

If you're moving within the same area code, you may be able to keep your current home phone number, dependent upon how calls to Emergency Services (911) are handled at your new address. Because access to Emergency Services is extremely important to us, it may be necessary to change your phone number when you move.

If you keep the same phone number, your saved voicemail messages will still be available and you'll still be able to view your electronic call history.

If you're moving to a location with a different area code, you will not be able to keep your home phone number.

XFINITY Voice service is not available in all areas. Check the availability of XFINITY Voice service at your new address.

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XFINITY Usernames and Email Address

If you transfer your service, your XFINITY username and email address will also likely be moved to your new account.

During your move, you can still send and receive emails. You can also change your XFINITY username or add a new username under the Users & Preferences tab in My Account.

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Channel Lineup

While the channels you receive at your new address should largely be the same if you keep the same package, the channel numbers may be different.

To view the channel lineup at your new address, click Change Lineup and enter your ZIP code on the XFINITY Stream portal site at tv.xfinity.com/listings.

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Pay Per View Sports Package Auto-Renewal

MLB EXTRA INNINGS, NBA LEAGUE PASS and NHL Center Ice Pay Per View sports packages are now automatically renewed for the following year. If you have these packages, you will remain enrolled in the auto-renewal program if you move to another Comcast-serviceable address and continue XFINITY TV service, in or out of season.

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Period of Time Without Service

If you let us know in advance of your move, we can help make it as seamless as possible. We will make every effort to eliminate any time without service.

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Due to differences in franchise fees and taxes that are set by local and state governments, the cost of services can vary by market. And while your previous promotional prices aren't always transferable to a new location, other money-saving promotions and new products and services may be available at your new address.

If you have a contract, you also may be able to continue it after your move. Check in with an XFINITY representative to see if you're eligible.

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Reactivating Service at Your New Home

If eligible, you can re-activate your services at your new address. In order to do so, you'll need your XFINITY username or email address and password ready. If you don't know this information, don't worry - you can find it using our online lookup tool.

If you're an XFINITY Internet customer, you'll also need to know your WiFi Network Name (SSID) and password to connect and re-activate your XFINITY wireless gateway. If you don't know this information, learn more about finding or changing your WiFi information.

For help on your move day, see our Move Out/In Day: Set up & Activation page for installation instructions and more.

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