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Set Up Windows Mail to Save a Copy of Your Email on the Server


By leaving a copy of your email messages on the server, you can access your account with different programs if you’re not on your home computer.

To leave a copy of your email messages on the server using Windows Mail, simply follow these steps.

How to Leave Copies of Email Messages on the Server

  1. Select Tools, then click Accounts from the menu bar.
    Inbox - Windows mail. Tools menu. Accounts selected
  2. In the Internet Accounts window, highlight the email account you want to change and click Properties.
    Internet Accounts window, Email account selected. Properties button selected.
  3. Click the Advanced tab (under the Properties window) then check the Leave a copy of messages on server box.

    Note: To ensure that copies of every message don’t stay on the server for a long period of time, which can slow down your mail connections and use up your disk space allowance, we recommend that you check the box marked Remove from server after X days

    Select the appropriate amount of days to be able to read your messages in another mail program. It’s better to use a large number (e.g. 100 days) than to not check this box. 
     Advanced tab (under the Properties window). "Leave a copy of messages on server" box checked.
  4. Click OK to close the setup windows. 

    Your Windows Mail setup is now complete. Any time mail arrives, it will remain on the server and you’ll be able to view it in another mail program or Webmail. 

    If you’re using another mail program, you may want to configure that program to leave a copy of your messages on the server too. 

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