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What is the Flexible Data Option?

Part of Questions and Answers About Our Data Usage Plan.

The Flexible Data Option

The Flexible Data Option is available to our Economy Plus and Performance Starter customers and is specifically designed for casual or light Internet users who typically use 5 GB of data or less each month. Enrollment is optional and provides an automatic $5 credit if your total monthly data usage is less than or equal to 5 GB per month.

However, if you use 6 GB of data or more in any given month, you will not receive the $5 credit and will be charged $1 for each GB of data used over the 5 GB included in the Flexible Data Option (up to $200 per month). These charges would be in addition to the price of your monthly XFINITY Internet service charge.

Note: In Fresno, California, the Flexible Data Option is not available to Performance Starter customers.

To find out if you are in a market that offers our Flexible Data Option, please see Is my household included in the Terabyte Internet Data Usage Plan?

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