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Error Messages When Sending Email - What They May Mean

Stop “spammers” from accessing your computer.

Stay Alert

If you’re receiving error messages when trying to send emails, your computer may have a virus. By using anti-virus software or installing a personal firewall, you can decrease your chances of getting infected.

Our security experts have observed an increase in the amount of unsolicited messages in inboxes. Often times, these “spam” messages are sent out with the intent to infect unprotected computers. Once your PC is infected with a virus, it can attach itself to your email address. Thus, the virus is being passed along using your email address without you knowing it. So, if you received an error message when trying to send email, it’s possible that your computer is infected.

To Prevent Unauthorized Access to Your Computer, Follow These Steps:

  1. Visit Microsoft to make sure that you have the latest patches and security updates.
  2. Install a personal firewall or anti-virus software to secure your PC. Visit our Security Center to take advantage of the Norton Security Suite at no additional charge.
  3. Have your computer professionally cleaned at your local computer or electronics retailer.

As a part of our ongoing efforts to protect you and our network, we temporarily suspend email accounts (for 24 hours) on any customers generating abnormally high outbound email (over 1,000 emails) traffic. If you’re unable to limit your daily volume to 1,000 emails, you may want to consider business-class email through Comcast Business Services.


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