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Create and Manage Your XFINITY Email

Learn more about the different functions available for an XFINITY email address.

Update Your Text and Email Alert Preferences - My Account Help

Learn how to manage your XFINITY text and email alert settings.

Protect Against Phishing Attempts

Email Privacy and Security with XFINITY Internet.

Keep Your Emails from Deleting when Using Multiple Email Programs

Make sure all your emails are available when you use multiple email programs.

Use EasyChange to Switch to a Comcast Email Account - FAQs

Find out how to simplify the process of switching Internet Service Providers. EasyChange transfers your account information.

Recover Deleted Emails - XFINITY Connect Help

Learn how to recover a deleted email.

Sending Limits and Blocked File Extensions of Your Comcast Email

Find out more about the limitations on sending email and about your email settings with Comcast.

File Types Not Supported in Email - XFINITY Connect Help

Learn about different file types and which types are best to send as email attachments.

Set Up Windows Mail to Save a Copy of Your Email on the Server

How to leave a copy of an email on the server.

Returned Mail: User Unknown - XFINITY Connect Email Error Message

Learn about email messages with the subject 'Returned mail: user unknown'.

What is Comcast Doing About Spam?

Learn more about what Comcast is doing to prevent spam from getting to your inbox.

Determine Your Blocked IP Address

Learn how to find your blocked IP address - it's easy.

Edit Address Book Contacts - XFINITY Connect Help

Learn how to delete a contact from your XFINITY Connect Address Book.

Check the Date and Time Setting in Your Operating System

Learn how to check your computer's system date, time and time zone.

Why is Port 25 for Email Submission Not Supported?

Learn more about why email port 25 is no longer supported.

Set Outlook Express to Automatically Save or Open Email Attachments

Learn about secure ways to save or open email attachments using Outlook Express with this XFINITY ‘how to’!

What is Email Phishing?

Protect yourself from phishing scams.

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