Protect Against Phishing Attempts

Avoid online scams and keep your information private by avoiding untrustworthy sites.


Even if you regularly scan for spyware and set up firewalls to keep your computer or network secure, there are other things to keep in mind when it comes to Internet security.

Phishing describes an attempt to get your private information like passwords and credit card information by an unknown party impersonating a trustworthy entity. Often, this comes in the forms of emails that are made to look like sites you already trust, like social networks, banks or online payment services.

Your first step in phishing protection should be to set up spam blockers and filters on your email account. See Set Email Filters or Spam Filters - XFINITY Connect Help for more information.

Download the XFINITY Toolbar

The free XFINITY Toolbar comes with several protections against phishing to help you navigate the web securely.

You should never click on links from suspicious emails, but if you do end up on an unknown site, the Website Inspector feature of the XFINITY Toolbar will help you determine if it’s secure with the following safety-status indicators:

The XFINITY Toolbar's Website Inspector: indicator of safe site Informs you that the site has been verified and isn’t on a list of unsafe sites.

The XFINITY Toolbar's Website Inspector: caution ico Suggests that you take caution while visiting the site, especially when prompted to enter personal information. Additional information about this rating is included in the site report.

The XFINITY Toolbar's Website Inspector: indicator of unsafe site Blocks initial access to the site and informs you that the site is considered potentially unsafe by the anti-phishing service. You may be at risk for identity theft or financial fraud. You have the option to override this warning and proceed.

The XFINITY Toolbar's Website Inspector: site verdict icon Site Verdict lookup is currently in progress; an assessment should be returned within 1–5 seconds.

The XFINITY Toolbar's Website Inspector: whitelisted icon Reminds you that the site was previously approved for visiting and placed on your whitelist, or list of approved sites.

The XFINITY Toolbar's Website Inspector: indicator of blocked, unapproved site The site is blocked and you’re reminded that this site has not been approved for visiting.

The XFINITY Toolbar is available for free download at

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