Configure Your Email Settings to Comcast Email

To prevent spam and to ensure the security of our network and customers, Comcast no longer supports the use of port 25 for sending email. If you use an older email client (Outlook Express, Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.), this may impact your ability to send email. Learn more about port 25.

Email Configuration Settings

To configure an email client to use Comcast email (, the following settings should be used for sending and receiving email:
  • Incoming Mail Server Name:
  • Incoming Mail Server Port Number:
    • Recommended: 993 with SSL ON
    • Only if Needed: 143 with SSL ON
  • Outgoing Mail Server Name:
  • Outgoing Mail Server Port Number:
    • Recommended: 587 (SMTP)
    • Only if Needed: 465 (SMTPS)
  • SSL Encryption: checked
  • Authentication: XFINITY username and password required

POP Access

Using POP to retrieve email will cause a less than optimal experience, especially when you use multiple devices to check your email. We strongly recommend IMAP over POP since this will keep your emails in sync across different devices. If you do need to use POP due to any reason, you can use the following connection information:
  • Incoming Mail Server Name:
  • Incoming Mail Server Port Number: 995 (POP3 With SSL) or 110 (POP3 Without SSL)
Learn more about switching from POP to IMAP.

Email Clients

Click on the name of your email client to get detailed setup instructions and to change your settings:

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