Connect an Online Gaming System to Your In-Home WiFi Network

This article explains how to connect your WiFi-capable gaming system to your wireless network. Before you begin, make sure you know your WiFi network name and password. See instructions on how to locate or change your WiFi credentials.

Connect Your Gaming System

When playing high-bandwidth games, a wireless connection may not be optimal, and you may wish to connect your system to your wireless gateway with an Ethernet cable.

If you would prefer to connect to your gaming system's server wirelessly, check to make sure you have the latest drivers and software installed on your system before attempting to connect to WiFi. To connect, follow the instructions below.
  1. Access the Network Settings menu for your gaming system (e.g., PlayStation, Wii, Xbox), console or handheld device.
  2. Select the WiFi or Wireless connection option and wait for the device to scan for available networks (sometimes referred to as access points).
  3. Select your WiFi Network Name (also called an SSID) from the list of available networks.
  4. When prompted, enter your Password (also called a Network Key) using the game controller. Gaming systems sometimes offer the option to test your connection to ensure that the device is properly connected to your in-home WiFi network.
In order to connect your gaming system to your in-home WiFi network, you may need to adjust your XFINITY wireless gateway's default security setting (WPA/WPA2) along with your firewall and Parental Control settings. For more information, check out Firewall and Parental Control Setup for Wireless Gateways.

You also will likely need help opening or unblocking certain ports on your wireless gateway to connect your online gaming system to your home network. See What Is Port Forwarding on the XFINITY Wireless Gateway? and Port Triggering on the XFINITY Wireless Gateway for more information.

Additional Tips

Remember to refer to your gaming system's user guide for troubleshooting steps or security settings that may be unique to your system. For additional tips on connecting and staying connected to your in-home WiFi network, check out Troubleshooting Issues with Your XFINITY Internet or WiFi Connection.

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