Get Comcast Email on Mobile Devices

Get access to your inbox on the go with Comcast email on your mobile device.


Are you ready to have access to your inbox wherever you go? You can set up your Comcast email for access on your mobile device and have your messages just a few taps away at all times. If you want to configure Comcast mobile email on your smartphone or tablet, here's how.

See Configure Windows Live Mail 2011 for Comcast Email or Configure Apple Mail 7 for Comcast Email for more information about configuring email.

XFINITY Connect App

The XFINITY Connect app lets you access your email and voice messages on the go, and is currently available for the iPhone and Android smartphones.

The XFINITY Connect app also gives you access to your XFINITY Connect Universal Address Book, TV listings and XFINITY On Demand videos. It even allows you to send and receive free text messages outside of your wireless plan. See What is the XFINITY Connect app? for more information.

Simply download XFINITY Connect app from your iPhone or Android app store to get started! Make sure you have your Comcast email address and password handy.

Once you open the app, the XFINITY Connect app has several different tabs you can choose from.

The All view shows you your latest email, voice and text messages. The default and maximum setting is the latest 25 messages, arranged by time received.
XFINITY Connect mobile app - the "All" screen

The Email view shows you your 25 latest email messages. You can load more messages from your inbox by tapping Load More Messages.
XFINITY Connect mobile app - the "Email" screen

The VM view shows you your 25 latest voice messages.
XFINITY Connect mobile app - the "Voice" screen

The Text view shows you your text message conversations, arranged by activity. So, your most recent text message conversation will move to the top of the list.
XFINITY Connect mobile app - the "Text" screen

Check Your Email Without the XFINITY Connect App

If you don't have the XFINITY Connect app, you can still check your email using All you have to do is type into your phone's web browser, and sign in using your XFINITY username and password when asked.

Note: Depending on your phone provider and plan, you may be charged to access the Internet from your home. Comcast is not responsible for these charges.

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