Prepare for Your XFINITY Home Installation

Get ready for your XFINITY Home service visit with this checklist. (You may also print out this checklist to give to your installer on the day of installation.)

For an installation checklist for our other services, please see Prepare for Your Comcast Installation.

Day of Installation Checklist

To know what to expect during your XFINITY Home installation, please make sure you have the following ready prior to your appointment:
  • Make sure the account holder or an authorized decision-maker on the account (age 18 years or older) is home for the entire installation (3-4 hours).
    • Please contact us prior to the installation to add an authorized decision-maker to your account.
    • The installer will help you design and customize your system to fit your family's needs and educate you on the features of your new system.
    • The installer will also ask you or your authorized decision-maker to assign a master code to arm and disarm your system.
  • Have your credit card ready. You or your authorized decision-maker (age 18 years or older) will need to pay for the installation and any additional equipment required for installation by credit card.
  • Have an Internet-connected device ready, such as a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet, so you can activate your Subscriber Portal and complete the installation process. This ensures you'll have access to the portal as well as the XFINITY Home app for mobile devices.
  • Be prepared to sign your two-year agreement. Either you or your authorized decision-maker (age 18 years or older) must be present to sign the Residential Alarm Installation and Service Agreement.
  • Identify two emergency contacts. You or your authorized decision-maker (age 18 years or older) will need to provide two emergency contacts' names and phone numbers.
    • These contacts should be you and/or a family member or a trusted friend. The installer will set up your emergency contacts at the time of installation.
    • If an alarm is triggered, the central monitoring station will call the emergency contacts on file to authorize next steps.
  • If you are an existing XFINITY customer, please have your primary XFINITY username and password available in order to set up your XFINITY Home account. For more information, see Account Numbers, Usernames, Passwords and PINs.

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What to Ask Your Installer

Be prepared to ask your installer the following questions:
  • How do I use my Touchscreen Controller?
  • What can I do with the XFINITY Home app for mobile devices?
  • How do I prevent false alarms?
  • How do I remotely arm and disarm my system?
  • What are Rules and how do I set them up?

To learn more about your XFINITY Home security system, visit our XFINITY Home Help and Support page.

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