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View Events and Notifications in Your XFINITY Home Subscriber Portal

Learn how to view a history of the events and alerts that have occurred in your XFINITY Home - Secure system from your Subscriber Portal.

Did You Know? Live Video Monitoring lets you create rules to automatically take pictures and video clips (see Managing Rules in the XFINITY Home - Secure Subscriber Portal). You can access your saved pictures and video clips in your Subscriber Portal, the XFINITY Home app for mobile devices and the XFINITY Home app for XFINITY X1 TV Boxes. For more information, see Manage Your Pictures and Video Clips in the XFINITY Home Subscriber Portal, XFINITY Home App for Mobile Devices - Getting Started and Viewing XFINITY Home Camera Feeds, Saved Photos and Videos from Your X1 TV Box. If you don't have Live Video Monitoring, you won't see events for your Cameras taking pictures or video clips.

What You'll Need
  • XFINITY Home - Secure
  • Access to your XFINITY Home Subscriber Portal


Viewing System Activity in Your Subscriber Portal

  1. Sign in to your Subscriber Portal (see the sign-in instructions).
  2. On the Overview page, click Activity in the menu bar.
    XFINITY Home Subscriber Portal Overview page.
  3. The Activity page shows your system activity, with the most recent event listed first. You can filter events by date, or by the following options in the drop-down menu above the list:
    • All Activity shows all events and alerts that have occurred in your system.
    • Alarms shows only alarms that have been triggered.
    • Alerts shows only system alerts, such as a low battery alert.
    • Arms & Disarms shows only system arm and disarm activity.
    • Sensors & Zones shows only sensor activity, such as a door opening.
    • Door Locks shows only activity for Door Locks.
    • Cameras shows only activity for Cameras, such as taking a picture or video clip.
      XFINITY Home Subscriber Portal, Activity tab selected.

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