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UEI XHS2-UE Door/Window Sensor Battery Installation

Learn how to install or replace a battery in the UEI XHS2-UE Door/Window Sensor.

What You'll Need
  • XFINITY Home
  • UEI XHS2-UE Door/Window Sensor
  • One CR2450 battery
  • Double-sided tape (optional)

How to Install the Battery

Before proceeding, make sure that your system is disarmed. Working on devices while the system is armed can generate false alarms.

Did You Know? You may want to have some double-sided tape on hand if you need to remove your Sensor from the wall to install a battery. Use the tape to reattach your Sensor if its existing adhesive fails to hold it in place.

Do You Need A Battery? Make sure you have a battery before you proceed. Visit your nearest retail store that sells batteries or order your replacement battery kit from www.batteryjunction.com.

Is This Your Sensor? Make sure that your Sensor looks like the one in the image below. If it does, you're in the right place to find out how to install a battery in your Sensor.
Universal Electronics XHS2-UE Door/Window Sensor.
  1. Place your thumb or finger on the top edge of the sensor cover and push/pull towards the end of the Sensor. The cover will slide a short distance and stop so you can pull the cover off of the Sensor.
    Sensor cover being pushed/pulled toward end of Sensor and sliding off.

    Take a Look. If a battery is already present, remove it by gently using your fingertip to pull one end of the battery up until the battery is loose and you can pull it free from the slot.

    Help Protect Our Environment: Please properly recycle your discarded batteries. For your convenience, batteries are accepted for recycling at various locations. Check www.call2recycle.org or call 1-800-8-Battery (1-800-8-228-8379) to find a recycling location near you.
  2. Insert the CR2450 battery by placing it flat against the prongs in the battery compartment with the negative (-) side facing down. The battery should fit inside the battery cradle.
    Open Sensor with cradle for CR2450 battery to be placed in.
  3. Align the small tab on the cover with the slot in the track on the Sensor body. Press the cover down onto the Sensor.
    Sensor with small tab aligned to close.
  4. Use your thumb or finger to slide the cover towards the opposite end of the Sensor until it snaps into place.
    Cover being slid into place.
  5. When the battery is inserted correctly and the cover is reattached, the green light on the front of the Sensor will light up.
    • If you're replacing the battery, confirm that the low battery alert has resolved and the Sensor appears on your list of connected devices in your Touchscreen Controller, Subscriber Portal or the XFINITY Home app for mobile devices.
    • Test the Sensor to confirm that it is working correctly.
      Sensor with green light illuminated.

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