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XFINITY Home Hub Activation and Pairing Troubleshooting

Learn what to do when you have a problem with the Hub in your XFINITY Home - Automation system.

What You'll Need
  • XFINITY Home - Automation
  • Access to your XFINITY Home Hub, Ethernet cable and power cable

What Problem Are You Having?

My Hub Can't be Found for Activation

If the activation portal can't find your Hub, make sure the Hub can connect to the Internet.
  1. Have you given the Hub enough time to start up, obtain an IP address, and connect to the server? This can take up to 20 minutes after plugging it in.
  2. Are the LED lights on the Hub lit correctly for activation?
    • The Power light should be green, and the Connection light should be blinking amber.
    • If the Connection light is red, the Hub does not have an Internet connection.
  3. Make sure that one end of the Ethernet cable is securely plugged into the WAN port on the Hub, and the other end is securely plugged into an available port on your router.
  4. Make sure that the port on the router has an Internet connection. As a test, you can use the Ethernet cable to connect a computer to the port on the router, and then attempt to browse the Internet on the computer.
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My Hub isn't Ready for Activation

If the activation portal says that your Hub is not ready for activation, reset the Hub by inserting a non-metallic pointed object into the Reset hole for 45 seconds.

Note: Resetting your Hub will un-pair all devices that you have paired with your system. This shouldn't be an issue because you haven't activated your Hub or paired any devices with your system yet. However, if you reset your Hub in the future, you'll need to reactivate it, then re-pair all of your devices.

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My Devices Won't Pair With my Hub

  1. Check the devices LED on the front of the Hub. The light should be blinking green, indicating that the Hub is in pairing mode.
    • If the light is not blinking green, unplug the Hub from the power outlet, wait 15 seconds, and then plug it back in. After the Hub completes its startup sequence, try pairing the device again.
  2. Make sure your device is within range. Move the device closer to the Hub and try pairing it again. All devices must be within 30 feet of your Hub.
  3. If the device still will not pair with your Hub, there might be a problem with the device. See the troubleshooting instructions for the individual device.
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