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11700 - XFINITY Stream Portal Error Message

Learn how to solve the XFINITY Stream portal (www.xfinity.com/stream) 11700 error.

Note: Retaining your signed-in status within your web browsers requires that you keep cookies and local storage data saved between sessions. Without retaining this data, you may experience more XFINITY Stream portal sign-in requests than desirable. See below for more details.

Next Steps

Known Issue
Account has exceeded device limit.

Web Browser Settings
First, please make sure that your web browsers are set to keep cookies and local storage data saved between XFINITY Stream portal (www.xfinity.com/stream) visits. This will ensure that you remain signed into your account.

Use the recommended settings below for each browser; not using these settings may result in excessive sign-in requests when visiting the portal.

Internet Explorer
Settings > Internet Options > General > Browsing History > Uncheck Delete browsing on exit

Options > Privacy > History > Firefox will > Remember History

Google Chrome
Settings > Advanced Settings > Content Settings > Cookies > Allow local data to be set (recommended)

Preferences > General > Remove History Items > After one year

Next Steps
Please contact us to have invalid devices removed from your provisioned account.

If you continue to experience issues, please Contact Us using the method that is most convenient for you - chat with us online or call us to speak with a Comcast representative.

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