Spanish Language Features for Your X1 Service

XFINITY X1 delivers the simplest, fastest and most complete way to access all your entertainment on all your screens. With Language Choice, you can enjoy many of the X1 features in Spanish language.

Learn About X1 Language Choice in Spanish

Navigation: Set your guide and menus to Spanish language.

SAP: Enable Secondary Audio Program (SAP) to access additional language audio tracks. Find out how to manage audio language and mode in the X1 guide to set your SAP in Spanish language. The transport bar gives you easy access to Closed Captioning, SAP and video description. Learn more about programs with secondary audio programming on X1.

Notifications: Spanish language notifications are now supported, but receiving an X1 notification in Spanish requires that the application or service sending the notification supports Spanish. If no Spanish text is provided by the app, X1 will display the notification in English instead.

Tips and Tricks for X1 App: Provides helpful information about using your XFINITY X1. When you switch the language of the menu, the app will be displayed in your language of choice. Learn more about discovering new features and watching tutorials with the Tips and Tricks for X1 App.

Help Videos: Access videos about your XFINITY services under On Demand: Servicios de XFINITY. Find out more about finding and using the X1 help menu.

Discovering Content on X1 in Spanish Language

Voice Remote: Your Voice Remote understands English and Spanish. Use voice command in the language of your choice to change channels, search for shows, get recommendations and more. The Voice Remote even responds to popular phrases and quotes to help you find the entertainment you love even faster. To use Spanish voice commands, make sure your X1 interface language is set to Spanish. Learn more about using the Voice Remote from XFINITY.

Voice Guidance in Spanish: The talking guide on X1 announces on-screen text and options as you use your XFINITY remote control to navigate through the X1 interface. Learn more about the X1 talking guide or see these FAQs for more information.

Programs in Spanish Language: Access most of the shows and movies available in Spanish language in the Latino section in On Demand. Read these instructions on filtering the On Demand menu on X1.

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