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X1 Photos Mobile App FAQs

This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about the XFINITY X1 Photos app for mobile devices, which allows you to cast photos and videos from your Apple or Android smartphone to an eligible X1 TV box.

Overview and Requirements

What is X1 Photos by Comcast Labs?
X1 Photos lets you show off your best photos and videos on your XFINITY X1 TV by casting from your phone's camera roll or by connecting your Facebook, Instagram, or Flickr account to your TV.

What do I need to use X1 Photos?
  • An X1 TV box that is Internet capable (RNG-150 boxes not supported).
  • XFINITY Internet service.
  • A mobile device (either iOS 9.x or Android 4.3 [Jelly Bean]) with either WiFi or a wireless data connection.

Do I have to be on WiFi to use X1 Photos?
You can cast photos over any internet connection including WiFi, mobile LTE, etc.

Can I use X1 Photos outside of X1?
X1 Photos currently works only with X1 TV boxes.

Using X1 Photos

To cast a photo from your phone's camera roll:
  1. Download the X1 Photos app from the App Store or Google Play.
    • Note: X1 Photos app is not optimized for use on tablets.
  2. Login with your XFINITY username and password.
  3. Select your Facebook, Instagram or Flickr account and sign in using that service's credentials to connect your accounts.
  4. To cast to your TV, choose a photo from the service you just connected and then choose the TV where you want to view the photos.
After your social media account is connected to your XFINITY account, you can select that account from the X1 Photos app on your TV to view your photos. You can manage your accounts and PIN in X1 Photos > Settings > Social Accounts or xfinity.com/profile.

How do I stop casting photos?
From the X1 Photos mobile app, go to the Cast icon at the top right corner of the app and choose End Session or press Exit on the TV remote control.

Can more than one person in my house connect their social media account(s)?
You can create additional users on your XFINITY account, which allows each one to connect separate Facebook, Instagram or Flickr accounts to X1. Each account user can decide whether to use an application or privacy PIN.

Can more than one person cast photos at a time?
Yes! Each photo will stay on the screen until another is sent from any other device that is connected to that TV. Have fun trading stories about the big game, recent party or vacation.

How do I show a slideshow of my photos?
After you’ve cast a photo to the TV, tap the Play icon at the top right corner of the mobile app and the app will automatically slideshow through your photos.

How do I stop my slideshow?
While in slideshow mode, tap the Stop icon at the top right corner of the mobile app. Force quitting the mobile app will also stop the slideshow.

Do I need to be home to cast photos?
No, you can cast photos to your TV from any location that has an Internet connection.

Will using the X1 Photos app to cast photos using the X1 Photos mobile app count towards any XFINITY Internet data plan?
Yes. Any photos you access through your X1 Photos app are accessed using the Internet, so they are treated like all other Internet traffic and are subject to the terms and conditions of your XFINITY Internet service. Casting photos is only counted if you are using your home Internet connection similar to uploading photos to Facebook.


Can anyone in my house see my photos if I connect my social accounts?
Connecting accounts means that those photos are available on every X1 TV box in your house.

If you want to link your social accounts but want to keep them private, you can activate the Application PIN, which is always the first four digits of your XFINITY account password. You can change the PIN setting in the X1 Photos mobile app under Settings > Social Accounts or you can manage your accounts and PIN at xfinity.com/profile.

How can I disconnect my social media accounts from my XFINITY account?
You can easily disconnect a social account from your XFINITY account at any time.
  • From the X1 Photos app (on either your TV box or mobile device), go to Settings > Social Accounts and choose disconnect.
  • From any web browser, you can go to xfinity.com/profile and choose disconnect.

What happens to my pictures after casting?
Photos from your camera roll are stored just long enough for viewing on the TV you send them to. They can only be seen on the X1 TV box to which you paired your mobile device. Photos from Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr are never stored by XFINITY.


I have connected my social media account but I don't see any pictures.
This can happen for a few reasons:
  1. Your account has no photos. Make sure you have added photos to the account.
  2. You have logged out of apps that use the Facebook or Instagram credentials. Generally, this happens when you change your password and you are offered the option to disconnect any apps that are using the old credentials to protect your account. To resolve, try the following:
    • Remove the XFINITY App on Facebook or Instagram.
    • Go to Settings > Social Accounts to disconnect and then reconnect your Facebook or Instagram account.

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