X1 TV Box Comparison - DVR vs. Non-DVR

If you have multiple XFINITY X1 TV boxes in your home, you most likely have a DVR and one or more non-DVR TV boxes. This article explains the differences between these TV boxes, including the XG1, RNG150N, XG2, Xi3 and other X1 equipment.

DVR vs. Non-DVR TV Boxes

There are a few key differences between the DVR and the non-DVR TV boxes.
  • All recording is done from the DVR. Non-DVR TV boxes can schedule recordings and play back recorded content, but do not record content.
  • X1 DVR connects to the Comcast network to buffer live TV and access certain applications. As a result:
    • The ability to pause and rewind live TV, recordings and XFINITY On Demand programs varies by TV box. Please see the feature comparison chart for more information.
    • Access to certain applications also varies by TV box. Please see X1: Application Availability for more information.
  • The remote can be radio frequency (RF)-paired with all devices except the RNG150N. For more details, see the instructions for pairing your remote with your TV box.

Equipment Types

Use the examples below to identify your equipment.

Arris XG1
The Arris XG1 DVR TV box.
Pace XG1
The Pace XG1 DVR TV box.
X1 Non-DVRs
Pace RNG150N P2
The Pace RNG150N P2 TV box.

Samsung RNG150N
The Samsung RNG150N TV box.

Pace and Samsung XG2
The Pace (or Samsung) XG2 TV box.

Pace and Cisco XiD X1
Pace XiD X1 TV box.

X1 Non-DVR HDMI Only
Pace Xi3
The front of the Pace Xi3 TV box.

Pace Xi5 (Select markets only)
The Pace Xi5 TV box.

X1 Remote Controls
The Comcast XR2 remote.

Program Remote

The Comcast XR5v3 remote.

Program Remote

XR11 (voice remote from XFINITY)
The Comcast XR11 voice-activated remote.

Program Remote

Feature Comparison

Feature XG1 XG2 RNG150N Xi3 (HDMI Only) XiD (HD and SD) Xi5 (Wireless)
DVR Yes No No No No No
Tuners Up to 6* 4 1 None None None
Pause and Rewind Live TV Yes, up to 60 minutes Yes, up to 25 minutes** No Yes, up to 25 minutes Yes, up to 25 minutes Yes, up to 25 minutes
Pause and Rewind XFINITY On Demand Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Supports AnyRoom DVR Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Schedule and Manage DVR Recordings Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
RF Remote Control Functionality Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Voice Remote Support Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
X1 Apps Yes Yes Yes (Internet apps not supported) Yes Yes Yes
Front Panel Clock Yes No No No No No
Device Light Dimming Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
HDMI Connector Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Digital Audio (Optical) Connector Yes Yes Yes No No No
Component Video Yes (Pace XG1v1 only) No Yes No No No
Composite Video Yes Yes Yes No No No
RF Out Yes Yes Yes No Yes No

*Pace XG1v1 only supports five DVR tuners
**Changed to 25 minutes with RDK Firmware version 2.2p3

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