Search for a Channel with the X1 On-Screen Guide

Navigate through your On-Screen Guide faster by searching for the channel or network that you want in the XFINITY X1 guide. You can jump directly to a specific channel in the guide instead of browsing to the channel with the arrow buttons.

To Search for a Channel or Network

  1. To access the guide grid, press the Guide button on the remote control.
    An example of the X1 Guide grid.
  2. To search for a channel by channel number, use the remote's number keys to enter the channel number.
    The X1 Guide grid in Guide Search mode for a specific channel (channel number search).

    Note: You can also search for a channel by typing the channel name using the alphanumeric guide on the remote's keypad. For example, press "622" for "NBC"
    The X1 Guide grid in Guide Search mode for a specific channel (alphanumeric search).
  3. When the channel information displays in the Guide Search window, press the OK button on the remote to jump to the channel in the guide.
    The X1 Guide grid in Guide Search displaying channel information.
  4. If you search for a channel that is not included in your channel lineup, pressing OK will jump to the next available channel listed numerically.  For example, if there is no channel 254 in your lineup, the guide will jump to channel 255.
    Toward the right of the screen, a window shows the entered search "254" and allows the option to jump to channel 254.

Note: You may also use these steps to jump to a channel in the Mini Guide.

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