Favorite an Actor with the X1 On-Screen Guide

Here's how to add your favorite actors, directors and personalities to your XFINITY X1 Favorites list.

Add an Actor to Favorites

  1. Press the xfinity button on your remote control once to access the main menu.
  2. Use the right arrow or left arrow button to highlight Search.
    The "search" is the fourth one from the left on the main menu.
  3. Press the OK button on the remote.
  4. Search for the name of the person you wish to add as a favorite.
    X1 Guide: Use the letters across the top of the screen to search for the name of the person you wish to add as a favorite. Suggestions appear in a list on the left-hand side.
  5. Use the up arrow or down arrow buttons on the remote to highlight the name, and press the OK button on the remote.
  6. The information about the selected person displays.
  7. Use the right arrow button to highlight Favorite.
    X1 Guide displays the information about the selected personality, whose name is at the upper left.
  8. Press OK on the remote to add the person as a favorite.
    X1 Guide message at lower right confirms that the personality has been added as a favorite.
  9. You can view listings for your favorite actor (for example, movies featuring a specific actor) from the Favorites option in the Saved menu. In addition, musical acts now have associated concert or music videos for view (when applicable).
Note: You can also add an actor to your Favorites list when viewing the Cast & Crew information in a program's details.

To remove your choice from your Favorites list, see Remove a Program or Personality from Your X1 Favorites List.

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