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Why can't I see Netflix on my XFINITY X1 TV Box?

Can't find Netflix content on XFINITY X1? Take the steps below to find out why and to get Netflix on XFINITY X1 working.

Troubleshooting XFINITY X1 when Netflix isn't Appearing

First, check for the Netflix App in the X1 Apps menu.
  1. Press xfinity on your remote.
  2. Navigate to and click on Apps.
If you don't see Netflix listed among other apps, and don't see Netflix content within XFINITY On Demand it could be for one of three reasons: If you know your box is compatible (e.g., because you have seen Netflix on it in the past) and rebooting has not fixed the problem, please contact us.

To verify that your X1 TV box is compatible with Netflix, please see How to determine if your X1 TV Box is compatible for Netflix.

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