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What is Comcast Interactive TV?

Simply put, Interactive TV (iTV) turns television into an active and not a passive medium by giving you the ability to interact with your TV.

Benefits of ITV

Become more involved with your TV with Comcast Interactive TV. Use your remote to shop for products on the screen, access free product offers, set program reminders and recordings, get up-to-the-minute news, weather, and more.

How It Works

A variety of technologies help open a two-way communication path between your digital cable service and the programmer or advertiser, enabling you to interact with your TV via elements such as real-time screen pop-ups and message overlays.

Getting iTV

While free to all Comcast Digital customers, iTV is only available in certain areas at this time. Note: Some iTV features may require that you subscribe to XFINITY Voice and/or XFINITY Internet. You'll also need a compatible cable box. The following iTV features are compatible with all cable boxes (excluding X1 TV Boxes):
  • Home Shopping Network (HSN) Shop-by-Remote
  • Request for Information
  • Ready/Remind/Record

Note: Caller ID on TV isn't compatible with the Motorola CDT 2000 cable box. If you're receiving iTV features on one TV, but not on another, make sure that you're using compatible cable boxes. Otherwise, you'll need to exchange your cable box at your local Comcast Service Center, or contact us for further assistance.

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