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Send a Video or Webpage to Your X1 TV Box

Learn how to use Send to TV, which allows XFINITY X1 customers to send websites and videos from their web browser of choice to an X1 TV box-connected TV.

  • XFINITY Internet service is required for Send to TV.
  • Send to TV will not display on RNG150N TV boxes.

Use Send to TV

  1. From the web browser on your computer or mobile device, visit xfinity.com/sendtotv.
    • Note: Supported web browsers include the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.
  2. In the website address field displayed, enter the URL for a website that you would like to send to your X1 TV box. Then, click the Send button.
    Enter the desired web address to send to your X1 TV box
  3. Sign in using your XFINITY username and password.
    Sign in to use Sent to TV
  4. Send to TV requires and uses your XFINITY Internet service. Click Accept to acknowledge the Data Usage terms of service.
    Accept the terms of service before proceeding
  5. From the list of eligible TV boxes in your home, select the TV box that you would like the website to appear on. Once the website has loaded on your selected TV, use your XFINITY remote or the remote displayed on screen in your web browser to navigate the site.
    Navigate using your remote or the remote image on the screen


What do I need to use Send to TV?
  • XFINITY X1 TV box (excluding RNG150 devices)
  • XFINITY Internet service in your home
  • The latest version of one of the following web browsers installed on your mobile device or computer: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer
  • Reliable WiFi or wireless LTE connection

Do I need to be connected to WiFi or in my home?
You can send a website to your X1 TV box from any location using any Internet connection (WiFi or LTE) and don't need to be in your home to Send to TV.

How do I close a website on my TV?
Press the Exit button on your XFINITY remote to dismiss the website displayed on your TV box.

Will using Send to TV count towards any XFINITY Internet data plan?
Yes – any websites flung to your TV are sent via the Internet, so those actions are treated like all other traffic on your network and subject to the terms and conditions of your XFINITY Internet service.

Why don't certain websites display or function normally when I use Send to TV?
Not all websites are designed to be viewed on a TV or navigated using a remote control. In addition, certain software is not currently supported on XFINITY X1. However, TV optimization and additional support will continue to be expanded in the future.

Why do some websites only send video in a full-screen format to my TV while others send the entire website?
Send to TV can only send full-screen video from certain websites that have the appropriate tags. If Send to TV can't find these video tags, the feature will send the whole website instead of just the video content.

Do I need to leave the website open on my computer or mobile device when I'm using Send to TV?
No – once you have used Send to TV for that website or video, XFINITY X1 will download the content directly from its source, so you no longer need to have the website open on your computer or mobile device.

Why do some audio and video files not play on my TV?
Send to TV only supports certain audio (AAC, MP3) and video tagging (H.264); unsupported content will not playback correctly on X1.

How do I play, pause, forward and rewind videos that are being displayed on my TV?
If the website displayed is not optimized for TV, you may not be able to play or pause video using the buttons on your remote control.

How do I click a link on the website displayed on my TV?
If a website is optimized for TV, use the arrow buttons on your remote to highlight a link, and then press the OK button. If the website you are viewing is not optimized for TV, you may not be able to zoom in or click links, but you can still scroll up and down the site using your remote.

Can I navigate to another webpage or different website?
For websites that are optimized for TV, you should be able to navigate to another webpage using your remote control. For websites that are not TV-optimized, you will need to send another URL to your X1 TV box using the Send to TV site (xfinity.com/sendtotv).

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