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What are Comcast Interactive Television Features?

Comcast iTV comes with many convenient features that may be available in your area such as on-screen DVR reminders and Caller ID on TV.
Check out some of the great things you can do with Comcast iTV (Interactive Television). Please note that some of these features may not be available in your area.
  • Home Shopping Network (HSN) Shop-by-Remote: If you have XFINITY TV service, you can use your remote to buy products sold on the Home Shopping Network.
  • Ready/Remind/Record: XFINITY TV subscribers can set on-screen reminders for upcoming programs. If you also lease a DVR from us, you can also set a DVR recording from the program’s preview.
  • Request for Information: If you have Comcast Digital Cable service, you can request coupons for certain products advertised in 30-second commercials. Pop-ups will appear on the screen, giving you the chance to get coupons or additional information about the advertised product.
  • Caller ID on TV: If you have XFINITY Voice and XFINITY TV, you can screen incoming calls on your TV. Our complimentary service displays the name and number of the caller, allowing you to choose whether to answer the phone or let it go to voicemail.
  • Interactive TV Menu/iTV Button: Easily access your list of iTV features from the Quick Menu and TV Guide Main Menu. The iTV features you have will depend on your cable box type, where you live, and whether you subscribe to XFINITY Voice and/or XFINITY Internet.

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