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Shop by Remote on the Home Shopping Network

You no longer need to pick up your phone to order from the Home Shopping Network (HSN). Enjoy the convenience of ordering HSN products right through your remote control.

How it works

The Home Shopping Network (HSN) Shop-by-Remote is one of many iTV features we offer. Here’s how to get started:
  • Subscribe to our XFINITY TV service to access HSN Shop-by-Remote and other iTV features. Please note that our ITV features aren’t available in a few areas. We’re working on bringing our iTV features to these areas.
  • Set up an HSN account online or by calling HSN’s customer service at 1-800-436-6464. 

Ordering by remote is safe and secure. All orders will be billed automatically to the credit card information you have in your primary HSN accounts. So you won’t need to enter your credit card information every time you place an order. For extra security, orders will only be shipped to the address you have on file with HSN.

If you’d like to block household members from using Shop-by-Remote, you can use your digital receiver’s Parental Control feature.

Please note, in some Comcast areas, we have identified an issue that causes the TV Box to lock-up and become non-responsive to channel-up or channel-down commands from the remote. To resolve the issue, you will need to power off your TV Box for five seconds and then power it back on. The issue should be resolved, if it is not, please contact us.

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