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HDTV and What You Need to Get It

Find out what equipment you need to experience stunning high-definition TV (HDTV).

What You'll Need

To view high-definition (HD) programs, you'll need:
  • An HD-enabled cable box, such as an HD-DVR box or HD TV Box. We'll provide this box for an additional monthly fee. Contact Us to order.
  • HDMI or component cables: See Identifying Video, Internet and Voice Connection Types to learn more.
  • An HD-ready television. (Most standard TVs have 525 horizontal screen lines and a 4:3 aspect ratio. High-definition televisions have 720 or 1,080 horizontal screen lines and a 16:9 ratio. Refer to your TV manual for information regarding 1080i and 720p.)

Learn more about HD service or see pricing and packages for your area.

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