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About Drop Amplifiers

This document outlines how to identify a drop amplifier and determine when one may be in use.

Drop Amplifiers

When it is necessary to increase the incoming signal strength at your home, a drop amplifier may be installed. This can also be referred to as an amp or booster.

Each drop amplifier requires a power source. A standard coaxial cable is used to deliver the electrical power through the copper wire inside the cable. The drop amplifier is generally found near the ground block or where the drop connects to the home for the best signal and the least noise on the line.

A good sign that a drop amplifier is not working is that your XFINITY TV services are not working while your XFINITY Internet and/or XFINITY Voice services are working.

Every year during the holidays we receive more calls related to drop amplifiers as customers often unplug the drop amplifiers for lights or other decorations.

Once installed, drop amplifiers are your property. Any trouble calls related to the drop amplifier will be charged a Service Call unless you subscribe to the Service Protection Plan (SPP).

Sample Models of Drop Amplifiers

The power light is near where the power coaxial cable is attached on the amplifier. The power lights on both devices illuminate green when power is present. These drop amplifiers help compensate for potential splitter loss.

Commscope - CSAPDUPVP

Commscope - CSADUPVP drop amplifier.

Evolution EVO 1-5-U/U

Evolution EVO 1-5-U/U drop amplifier.

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