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Digital Adapter Enhancement FAQs

Comcast is enhancing our digital adapter service so you can view most of the channels in your current XFINITY TV package up to and including the Digital Starter tier of service (excluding premium channels, XFINITY On Demand, channels that are a part of Digital Preferred and above). This enhancement will be available at no additional monthly charge.


What do I need to do to receive the additional channels?
There is nothing you need to do. When your area is ready, we will notify you by bill message or by mail.

Why are you enhancing the digital adapter service?
We are always looking for ways to improve our customer experience.

How much will the enhancement cost me?
There is no additional monthly cost for this enhancement.

What channels will my digital adapter service include once the enhancement is complete?
It depends on the level of service to which you subscribe to on your primary outlet. Our customers receiving Digital Economy, Family Tier, XFINITY Latino or MyTV Choice (select markets) will see most of the same channels that they receive on their primary outlet (excluding premium channels, XFINITY On Demand and levels above Digital Starter).

If I can get all of the channels on my digital adapter, why would I need a digital TV Box on my primary outlet?
With a digital TV Box you have access to our on-screen program guide, HD channels (requires subscription to HD Technology fee), premium channels (HBO, Showtime, etc.) and XFINITY On Demand.

How will I know when this enhancement is coming?
This enhancement will happen on a market-by-market basis. You will be notified in advance by bill message or by mail.

Will I see any other changes after the enhancement has occurred?
You may see a "Not Authorized" message when you tune to a channel that is not part of your service package.

Who will this enhancement affect?
Our customers with Digital Economy, Family Tier, XFINITY Latino or MyTV Choice (select markets) and Digital Adapter Additional Outlet service.

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