X1 TV Box Apps Overview

Learn about the applications available for XFINITY X1.

  • Only certain apps are available on some X1 TV Boxes. See X1 application availability information for more details.
  • Using X1 apps and features that require the Internet, such as Pandora and Photos, will count against your XFINITY Internet data usage. A globe badge displayed in the upper-right corner of an app/feature's menu tile indicates that using it will count towards your XFINITY Internet data usage.
  • All X1 apps require a 16:9 aspect ratio to display properly on your TV.

Apps Menu Navigation

The X1 Apps menu provides an interactive television experience that allows you to use our enhanced cloud-based guide features with third-party applications that you frequently use in your daily life.

To access the Apps menu, simply use your remote to:
  1. Go to the Main Menu.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Highlight and select the app you wish to use, and press OK.
    Applications screen displays tiles for various X1 apps.

Examples of Apps and Detail Screens

The following apps and detail screens are all available through X1.

A horoscope in the X1 Horoscope app.

Learn more about the X1 Horoscopes app.

A weather forecast in the X1 Weather app.

Learn more about the X1 Weather app.

The X1 Traffic app

Learn more about the X1 Traffic app.

The Sports app screen offers scores and different sports menus to choose from.

Learn more about the X1 Sports app.

A song in the X1 Pandora app.

Learn more about the X1 Pandora app.

The X1 Stocks app.

Learn more about the X1 Stocks app.

Photos App main screen with tiles for different collections at the bottom.

Learn more about the X1 Photos app.

You can browse voicemails:
Voicemail app screen shows a selected voicemail message.

You can listen to voicemails:
Voicemail app screen shows a voicemail message being played.

Note: Upon opening the Voicemail app for the first time, you will be directed to the Web Portal to enable it on your X1 device.

Learn more about the X1 Voicemail app.

Tips and Tricks for X1
An X1 Tips and Tricks app tip about watching videos while browsing.

Learn more about the Tips and Tricks for X1 app.

XFINITY My Account App
X1 My Account app.

Learn more about the X1 XFINITY My Account app.

Online App Setup

All setup and activation of third-party apps like Pandora must be completed via the Web Portal. Each user can control their own social media set up and privacy settings with their XFINITY username. Learn how to connect your XFINITY Username with X1 apps.

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